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Ambrosia: Product Description

Ambrosia has been clinically formulated to rejuvenate your skin and make you look 10 years younger with a success rate that is unmatched by any other product. It is voted as the number 1 anti-aging cream in Japan. We accept nothing but the best and use only the highest quality luxury ingredients available. Incredible results are guaranteed. Ambrosia will diminish fine lines, smooth furrow lines, reduce dullness of skin, reduce dark circles around eyes, reduce nasolabial folds, lift the corners of the mouth, lift sagging cheeks, and tighten enlarged pores in just a few weeks.

Benexin: Product Description

Benexin is the most effective whitening serum that includes both face whitening and anti-aging serum in one package. It is voted as the number 1 whitening serum in Japan. It uses only high-quality ingredients that help brighten and rejuvenate the skin and provide a wrinkle-free, youthful glow. Incredible results are guaranteed. Benexin will make your skin lighter and brighter and eliminate age spots and wrinkles in just a few weeks.
Together, they are the most effective face whitening and anti-aging combo ever. Using them both would be a very smart choice because it would give you the best results.c

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How it Works

1. Wash and dry your face
2. Apply Ambrosia
3. Enjoy healthier, more vibrant skin

DAY- Wash your face first with facial foam and water and then pat it dry with a towel. After cleansing and toning, apply Benexin. After a few seconds of letting your skin absorb the serum, you can put on sunscreen and makeup as usual.
NIGHT -Remove your makeup first with a makeup remover on a cotton ball and then thoroughly wash your face with facial foam and water. After that, pat your face dry with a towel, cleanse as usual, and then apply Benexin. You may also apply your moisturizer on top of that if your skin tends to be a bit dry.